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Our corporate values

Our corporate values

– the pillars of our success


Our corporate values are like strong pillars that support our daily work. They connect our 1,900 employees worldwide and serve as a benchmark for our thoughts and actions. Worldwide, Militzer & Münch is at home in about 30 countries.

We want to have a positive impact on the social environment we operate in. We respect other cultures and regard the uniqueness of each employee, customer and business partner as enriching and a source of innovation. Militzer & Münch takes a clear-cut stand against exploitation or child labor.

It is our aim to always offer our customers excellent service. Thus, we only settle for the best, and feel committed to high quality standards in our performance. At the basis of our corporate policy is a high sense of responsibility: for our fellow beings, our environment, and the goods we transport.

Militzer & Münch puts emphasis on sustainable and long-term decisions and a responsible approach towards the earth’s natural resources. Moreover, binding safety and security standards, regular certification cycles and national audits form the framework for the quality of our transport logistics services.

Quality that satisfies

Group-wide standardized quality regulations, internal training courses and audits ensure high-quality service and constitute the basis of our certification according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our quality management in logistics


For Militzer & Münch, sustainable cost effectiveness is very important. Thus, in our daily decisions, we always keep sociopolitical and ecological aspects in mind.

Sustainability at Militzer & Münch

Security that delivers

Using different measures, Militzer & Münch constantly endeavors to adapt international supply chains to the increasing demand for security.



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